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Chebakia : Spécial RAMADAN


2 kg de farine,
2 oeufs,
1.5 levure chimique
2 cas bien remplies de fenouil et d’aneth, grillés et bien moulues,
1 cas de cannelle,
2 verres d’huile,
2 verres de beurre fondu,


Wash and drain carefully the cut meat in ten equal pieces. Withdraw the the heart of cabbage in him incising deeply with a pointed knife. Whiten it 5 [mn] in boiling water with the juice of lemon and the stale bread.

Put the meat in the pot of couscoussier, the hoary cabbage, two pricked onions each one of 2 cloves, the chickpeas, the safran the pepper, the salt, the water and put on quick fire.

Put the couscous in the high couscoussier and place on the pot in boiling point. The steam must escape only from the couscous, otherwise tie the two parts with a gang of cloth smeared of light dough (flour and water). as soon as the steam escapes, count 1/ 2 hour of cooking.

Withdraw the couscous, put it in a big hollow dish, separate the grains rubbing them in the palms or crushing them witha soup ladle

Water the couscous with 2 to 3 soup ladle of cold water slightly salty, separate the grains and let to rest 15 mn.

Add to the boiling the other minced onions ,tomatoes, turnips, carrots, tied coriander and pimentos.

remove some of the soup and cook seperately red gourd and soft potatoes.

As soon as the soup is again in boiling point, redo the previous operation with the couscous but this time in replacing the water by the oil of olives.

Put back the couscous a third time in the high of couscoussier and 5 mn after exhaust of the steam, shell the couscous again.

Verify the cooking of the meat and some vegetables, rectify the dressing.


Dispose the couscous in cone in a big dish, dig a crater to the center, there place the meat and the vegetables, water of soup and let to absorb. Serving the surplus of soup in some bowls so that every one will be able to serve himself. Foresee some spoons to soup for the guests who don’t know how to shape some wads to the hand.